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First Post-Social Isolation

Hello! This is my first blog post on this amazing website I have built. (A very expensive website that might not be the best for a young artist without any money but one that I had to build for class, so).

Within the last two weeks, the virus COVID 19 has become far more widespread in the United States, where I live. Misinformation has been rapidly disseminated from random Internet sources and from news channels and the president. I am in absolute awe of the random and bizarre claims I have heard in regard to the virus--"miracle" cures that are simply harmful, ways to test yourself for it without a test, outright lies about what conditions the virus can survive in. I don't want to repeat any of these outrageous untruths here, in case literally anyone sees this and decides to try something that could cause them harm.

The only thing that seems to be good actual advice is to stay home. I live with my parents--how embarrassing to be 21 and still living with your parents right? just kidding. I don't care because they make good food and my bed is so comfortable here.--and thusly am not as alone as I'm sure many people are feeling right now. Everyone is supposed to be socially isolating and distancing themselves. My university has decided to force us online, which is not great for me, a person with ADHD, but more on that later. Being stuck at home for the foreseeable future does have some benefits though, as my mother has been decluttering and going through all of our stuff. We spent the better part of today going through all of my clothes, all of my hundreds of knick knacks, plus dusting them and reorganizing them, washing my sheets, vacuuming, and completely changing everything up. Seriously, we have worked in here from 9AM until 4:30PM. All this work has tired me out, engaged me mentally and physically, and did not require leaving the house. Not to mention, I feel lighter, having decided to rid myself of a great deal of clothing, and better reorganize my closet and dressers. It's strange to consider that a highly contagious, global pandemic led me to the glory of a clean room.

It's a weird, weird time to be alive. But I'm trying to find the brightest side of things.

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