summer jean king

mixed media artist

Summer Jean King is an artist based in Denver, Colorado, and a recent graduate of the College of Arts and Media at the University of Colorado Denver. She works in acrylic and oil paints, mixed media, and found object sculpture most often. Her work has been featured in shows at the Emmanuel Gallery and the Next Stage Gallery in Denver.

😍🧡CHEETOS🧡😍 acrylic on canvas!_._._.

Artist Bio

summer jean king

Summer Jean King is a mixed media artist working in painting, found object sculpture, installation, fiber art, and video art. Her work explores themes of domesticity, feminism, and nostalgia. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, King earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Practices degree from the University of Colorado Denver. King has had work displayed in a public art installation on the Auraria campus, and in a juried show at the Emmanuel gallery. Her most recent work is set to be exhibited at Redline Contemporary Art Center in Denver.




My artwork has always been deeply emotional, intuitive, and instinctive. While painting has been my focus for a long time, I find my work drifting more towards sculptural pieces, with an interest in installation and small found-object based pieces. Womanhood, childhood, and the  home have all been central themes I explore in my work, and with the danger of the pandemic keeping us all locked inside, I find these themes are more relevant to everyone than ever before. In my work, I also aim to bring levity and humor to the overwhelmingly serious and dark nature of the art world; a reputation forged by “serious” and hyper-masculine artists that only drives away normal people. Art-making and art appreciation is an inherent desire within every human soul, not something that should be available only to the fabulously wealthy and locked away behind purposefully dense academic terminology; and so I work to share my art with everyone, educated or not, wealthy or not. With humor, bright colors, and joyful imagery, I use my art to try and connect everyone with their inner artist.